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2013 at the door

6 years ago | 2168 Views
as l write this we are left with a couple of hours to get into 2013 and most of us have done different things in 2012 be it acceptable or otherwise. The reason of this article is to just wish our readers on iblog a happy and fruitful 2013. As we are counting down to 2013 please dont drink and drive, faka iseat belt, go apologise to the one you wronged, buy that loved one a special gift so that it becomes your last thing you give him/her, spend time with that special someone, call or sms him and say those three magical words and finally parents spend time with your family today. Make them feel special. another thing which can be added to my above list is pray and thank GOD for the guidance. Once you end your 2012 with this l assure you come 2013 "sizaremover khuphela". So folks have see you all in 2013 and have a good and blessed 2013. With God everything is indeed possible. Enkosi....
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