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The year in review, Zim sport 2012

6 years ago | 5175 Views
Truly this has been a wonderful year in the sporting sense regardless of the sporting discipline that one follows. If you are a soccer fan there is the unforgettable Chelsea F.C triumph in the champions league, if you are a true sports fan there you obviously were tuned into the Olympics, if an F1 fan there was the battle between the 2 marvelous drivers mind you one had a speed-less car and the other had a fantastic car and need l say more about what was the end result there and just a few days ago 2 events have happened one tragic and the other was a sporting display we have not heard of in the cricket fraternity where the English team surpassed the mighty Indians in their own back yard. Wow what a series to remember. Allow me to bring it back home and dwell on Zimbabwe, the 2012 sporting year has truly been a very poor one, if we recall our cricket team how they performed in the limited over’s world cup we find that our team still leaves a lot to be desired. The batting departments save for only 2 or so top order batsmen is pathetic and allow me to say these people always claim to be learning and at the end of the day they produce no results, for how long are you going to keep on learning? Moving over to the rugby team, well l can say there is a bit of progress in this sporting discipline in all forms of the game be it the 11s or the 7s. the administrators are doing a pretty good job they just have to continue on the same line but before l get carried away praising them let me just highlight one minor area of neglect "junior development', not much is being done and l pose a challenge to the relevant authorities. Moving on to another area where we really underperformed athletics. Everyone in the country knows and witnessed what happened during the 2012 Olympics and l don`t need to say a lot here but just highlight that the people in this department are misleading and doing a great disservice to the nation. Continuing on l will focus on football and l will split this into 3 areas, the league, national teams and women soccer. OK national teams first everyone in Zimbabwe wanted to see their team in South Africa next month but due to the ever bungling ZIFA we will not be there. I was already planning on buying my tickets but alas. The response from ZIFA has been fair but more needs to be done. They have brought in a foreign coach which is something l have always advocated for because it removes the bias and allows for professionalism to be in calculated into the game. If we follow the lead of other countries such as Ghana, Zambia and to an extent Cape Verde foreign coaches will be a wining trump card for the nation. We just need to select the appropriate coach and give him time to deliver. An appropriate time to get a long term coach for the senior team will be now because for starters 2014 world cup qualification has already been bungled and for us to qualify it would require something close to a miracle. With this in mind we should employ a long term coach and give him mandate to ensure that Zimbabwe qualifies to the World cup come 2018, to ensure that Zimbabwe qualifies to the 2015 African cap of nations. At the same time give the coach the under23 side because it makes it easier for him to integrate the under23 players into the senior side. ZIFA should start planning for 2018 now to reap the rewards then because failure to plan is planning to fail. Get sponsors for each of the National teams from the under17 right through to the senior sides be it women or otherwise. This will actually help in the financing of the side. The government should also come in and take care of the senior sides both man and women because it is an undisputed fact that soccer is the number 1 sport in Zimbabwe so why then should the government fail to adapt those two as a service to the nation. Women soccer is coming up pretty well but sponsors need to come in the game and support our teams. The women soccer chief needs to strategise how she can grow the game and tap into how the South African people are doing it. Another good idea could be initiating a 4-8 team tournament which will feature the top 2 sides from Zimbabwe and our regional neighbors, this will allow the players to gauge themselves against our neighbors and thereby improve. With regards to the premier soccer league l will say, well done KK and your team, you made this season truly enjoyable even though the scribes thought otherwise, how do you give the coach of the year to Callisto seriously when there is a coach who took a team which was nothing, a team which when the season started no one gave a chance and took it on a run of 23 unbeaten and 1 loss the whole season. Truly l am baffled on the selection criterion, this really leaves a lot to be desired. Keep up the good work. We still call for more sponsors to partner our great Zimbabwean teams and not only when it is the last minute when they are in trouble. Please powers that be help our sporting people and bring joy to the nation.
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Anonymous user 6 years
Losing Adam "Adamsky" Ndlovu in football and learning with a painful heart what we as Ndebeles have been refusing to accept all along - that the Shona hate the Ndebele with a passion and that the Ndebele have to learn quickly to survive in all that hatred!
Anonymous user 6 years
Adam Ndlovu gave his all to a country that refuses to see him for what he was. The cruel and cold administration has at least made it plain that the Ndebele have no role to ply in Zimbabwe. 5Th Brigade was the thing and Ndebeles were there for the removal! What a happy day for Ndebele nationalism!
Anonymous user 6 years
It shall be well! Mthwakazi is the end of the tunnel.
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