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2012 reflections, part 1: Sporting forcus

6 years ago | 2520 Views
Truly this has been a wonderful year in the sporting sense irregardless of the sporting discpline that one follows. If you are a soccer fan there is the unforgettable Chelsea F.C triumph in the champions league, if your are a true sports fan there you obviously were tuned into the Olympics, if an F1 fan there was the battle between the 2 marlevous drivers mind you one had a speedless car and the other had a fanatsic car and need l say mor about what was the end result there and just a few days ago 2 events have happened one trajic and the other was a sporting display we have not heard of in the cricket fratenity where the English team surpassed the the mighty Indians in thier own back yard. Wow what a series to remmember.
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